My mum just spent about 15 mins trying to explain to me the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Mum: “Whats the series with the mothership that makes mountains and the people find boxes in their gardens and then start making mountains with their cereal.. the one that goes BURRBUURRRBUURRRRBUUUURRRBUUUURRRRBURRRR.”

Me: “Series?”

Mum: “No not series.. film… its a Speilburg one! or George Lucas! But not star wars?? Its a huge one!”

Me: “I don’t think i’ve seen a film where people find boxes in their garden..”

Mum: “OOOHHH yes you have! You would have been made to watch it!!”

Me: “Uhh.. “

Mum: “They have a close encounter?!? And theres a mother ship and mountains!!”

Me: “… Close Encounters of the Third Kind?”

Mum: “YES!!! The one thats goes BURRRBURRRRBURRRRBURRRR.” (the noise she’s making sounds like the tune from Jaws or some sort of alarm for submerging a submarine.)

Me: “You mean…” *does the tune*


… What?

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