So I messaged the ex, told him to give me my key back by posting it

was uuuber nice and like casual about it, added a few smileys in there..

He replies with like one sentence.

Alright.. You could at least be a LITTLE bit nice, I mean I’m not going to freaking jump you. 

I don’t get it, it kinda makes me think that maybe there was more to the breakup than I thought!
Maybe I actually treated him really badly?

Who knows. I feel bad though :S
Because I literally have no idea why he wont talk to me like a person. He was the one who was upset that he thought I’d never want to be friends with him again.

He got into the options program though where he works, so thats cool, Congratulations to him! (had a stalk on his facebook) But he doesn’t seem to go out at all :S

Maybe he’s just busy, or maaaybe he misses me crazy and cannot talk to me because it hurts so badly… bahahaha I doubt it.

I got rid of the last stuff of his yesterday :)
AAhhhhh :)

Things are feeling a lot better now, exciting news for this weekend, I might be assisting a shoot on the stars of made in chelsea.. :O ;D

So since we last spoke, some moe bad things have happened in the life of Jessica, including the death of my dear laptop.

But things are looking up tumblr!

I may be going to Ireland! :O

And I may or may not have met someone… emphasis on may…

^.^ maybe..

In time though tumblr… in time.